The unique thing about our custom spice blends is the way that they’re made. Our spices are hand mixed with a solid silver spoon. We include the natural energy of stones & crystals into our creations. Each spice comes with a crystal. All of our ingredients are natural and organic.

There is a sacred process to creating Abundance. We cut no corners and use NO PLASTIC bottles.

Stones and orgonite pieces are kept around the herbs before and after bottling them. Only positive music is played while the bottling is taking place. We don’t approach it as though we are making a product, we feel like we are making art and creating magical medicines. We create it to enlighten, to heal and educate. Aside from all of that, it’s absoluetly delicious!

The first ingredient of all our products is LOVE. And we mean that, it’s not a gimmick. That’s what the Abundance Spice Company is all about. It started out as and will always be a love project. I hope you all love the taste and appreciate the process as much as we love creating for you. 🙂

Peace and LOVE. Thank you for supporting the Abundance Spice Co.